A Talent Point of View: Florence Hunter

What I expected

Prior to Talent Point, I worked as a Recruitment Consultant for a corporate recruitment consultancy, so when I started at Talent Point, I thought the induction programme would follow similar techniques to what I had already experienced.

I thought I’d be “thrown in the deep end” and put on the phones immediately. I thought I would be under a lot of pressure to learn incredibly fast and understand my market inside-out. I thought I would be in an environment where the bottom line and ‘making deals’ was everything, while needing support and not meeting targets was viewed as weak.

I could not have been more wrong.

What I experienced

I met Luke. He is our Head of People who currently runs the six-week Talent Point training programme and he is phenomenal, not just at his job but also in his caring and patient nature, and the lols he provides!

I started in a cohort with three others, we were all in the same boat, and all learnt from and supported each other throughout the training programme.

We made camp in the training room for the duration of the six weeks, which helped us settle into the Talent Point environment whilst not getting intimidated by how amazing the rest of our team are and not get overwhelmed by the work methodologies we follow.

Our training began not with the phones but with Luke teaching us about Talent Point itself, our core values, our methodologies and why we approach recruitment in the way that we do. This helped us build an incredible foundation from which we could develop our knowledge and feel confident picking up the phones and speaking to applicants.

All four of us work a different market and Luke made sure that our training was specifically tailored to each of us so we could build the scaffolding for when we graduated from training.

Luke taught us how to use our CRM, how to construct phone calls, how to write emails and job adverts, how to interview applicants and most importantly how to self-manage our time and workload.

Where I am now…

Since graduating from the training room, I have not stopped learning. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning in this job!

Tech is continually evolving so there are always new things to learn, which keeps it exciting and current. There is also so much knowledge in the team that I will never stop learning from my colleagues.

Since getting out of training, things have definitely “turned up a notch” in terms of workload and responsibilities, but it’s okay because I felt ready for it and I’ve been able to take it all in my stride.

Why Talent Point

The qualities of Talent Point which I admire the most, are how collaborative we are and how your voice and ideas are heard and acknowledged by even the most senior members of the team. It’s refreshing not to be in a ‘sell sell sell’ environment and rather be amongst a team of professionals who are doing something new. Everyone is supportive and I’m fast becoming genuine friends with the team around me - the company organises EPIC team building events which I'm sure has helped too!

Updated: Main article image was changed on the 21/11/18; new image used with permission from Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

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