A Talent Point of View: Paul Harker

Tell me about your role at Talent Point?

I’m employed as a Technical Writer; traditionally that title refers to software documentation, but in this case I take the technical skills that I’ve picked up in past roles and use it to define and document tech roles that we work on with our customers.

I work with Account Managers, Account Directors, and customers. When we sign a new customer, a team of us will meet them, get the skinny on the company – learn about their tech, their history and get a feeling for what makes it a unique place to work. I’ll then turn that into a Company Sell, which is used to communicate the essence of the business to potential employees.

We will then work with our customers on every individual tech hire they need. We determine what is required from a role and create a unique document, called a Campaign Brief, which we design, and I then write, detailing each specific role.

On the side, as our MD knew I did a bit of development, I’m currently working on a bridging application to remove the manual step of adding applicants to our CRM. It helps me stay up to date with development techniques, alongside reading blogs and creating my own apps in my free time.

….How did you fall into that?

I was Tech Writer for seven years, but had hit something of a glass ceiling in that space. To change things up, I did a course called Makers Academy, creating developers with a focus on modern web development, mostly Ruby, JavaScript, TDD etc.

Afterwards, I was looking for a new challenge and Talent Point jumped out as something new and exciting. I’m happy to have a role with more creativity and one where I can meet the people behind some of London’s best tech start-ups. It’s a nice mix between technical writing and something a bit more creative.

How then does technical writing sit in tech hiring?

We’ve never believed in listing criteria for a Job Spec so we use a Technical Writer to provide a snapshot of the role and create collateral that shows exactly what it would be like to work at a company. It helps us find the right match for the right role, as someone can envisage themselves there more clearly. We find people are more like to buy into the opportunity if you fit their motivations and align them with business practices. Understanding the tech helps me do that.

So how do you see Talent Point as an alternative to a recruitment agency?

I see it as a hiring business where we meet business needs and job seekers in the middle - we take a genuine assessment of the market, make sure that roles are realistic and fillable. We align business needs with the market and applicant motivations because you can’t hire successfully if that fit isn’t there.


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