Don't miss out! What to see at London Tech Week (Part 1 of 3)

London Tech Week (#LTW) 2018 has just kicked off, promising another week of intriguing deep-dives, wonderful round-tables and plenty of networking opportunities. With the likes of Cindy Rose (Microsoft), Juliet Bauer (NHS England) and Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia) headlining, LTW 2018 is bringing together the best minds in the tech sector to kick-start conversations across a huge range of topics.

It’s not just big-name speakers and fancy galas though, LTW 2018 has plenty of opportunities for businesses and for you individually to network, collaborate or even seek professional advice, with clinics ranging from web marketing to legal services on offer.

Overall, there are hundreds of events, presentations and conferences taking place across the capital until the 17th of June. But don’t worry if you didn’t get the memo (or just completely forgot); we’ve got you covered with 15 of the best free talks and events going on over the next six days, split into handy categories depending on your interests.


From the Trenches: Real World Stories of Software Development

Focusing on the current trials, expectations and experiences of real tech firms and developers. From best practice to tricks-of-the-trade straight from industry-leading brands, if you're a programmer or just interested in the state of modern software development you should find the following solid fodder for thought:

The changing state of customer expectations regarding data protection, privacy and the role of regulation.

Practical examples and discussion about the importance of simplicity in software development, from management models to building digital products.

Revealing the techniques Ticketmaster uses to cope with huge, international traffic demands using innovative technologies like Kubernetes, React and Node.js.

How to stand out in the mobile landscape and drive user-acquisition organically using positive customer experience techniques.

Nothing here that takes your fancy..?

Don't despair!

Check out Part 2 for talks about diversity, wellness and mental health in the workplace.

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