Part 2: Have tech giants nailed the interview process? Not quite…

In Part 1, we spoke about some of the extravagant interview processes tech giants go through to secure top talent. It works, they still have great engineers knocking at their door. However, are lesser known companies always going to lose out to the “Big Boys” for the best tech talent?

The answer is no, we have had many applicants who reject the bigger companies for a smaller start-up, and this is all due to the hiring process. The biggest issues arise when some of these technical start-ups try and adopt the same hiring mentality and processes as the tech giants, and as a result, will always miss out.

Below I have listed 5 quick branding wins to compete with tech giants:

  1. Streamline your screening and selection Process – This is something that big businesses cannot always do due to a lot of bureaucracy and red tape. We would always recommend a telephone interview followed by a one stage face to face, this allows a smooth interview process and applicants will appreciate not constantly having to take time off work to attend interviews. This is something adopted by many of our customers and they have seen a significant decrease in interview drop outs and offer acceptances.
  1. Develop roles with a focus on growth and career progression – Big businesses feel they do not have to do this due to the gravitas of their brand, however smaller start-ups can really benefit from changing the way they are selling their roles to potential applicants. Whether it be a clear path into a leadership position or working with a brand-new technology that will improve their career, this is something that smaller companies need to be shouting about.
  1. Feedback delivered swiftly and constructively – This can be a chance for small businesses to shine. If you can deliver feedback constructively and swiftly to all applicants, they will only have good things to say about your business to their other friends. Compared to where they had to chase to get feedback only to receive a generic “Unsuccessful” response, sharing these experiences with their friends can lead to a positive brand image and attract more talent.
  1. Make sure your hiring managers are engaged – The key is remembering that interviews are a two-way process especially in tech. Hiring managers in start-ups need to engage with the applicant and not treat them like a numbers game, show an interest in their GitHub account while showing off how much you are doing in the Open Source space as a company.

    Where applicants have rejected larger businesses a big part of it is not feeling a connection to the person interviewing them, they come across disinterested. So, by making sure your hiring managers are enthused by the prospect of hiring you have the one up!
  1. Recruit talent from different skills or language pools – Big businesses rarely offer this sort of flexibility to a potential hire as they feel they don’t have to - assuming they have their pick of the market. We have seen massive success in this for many of our customers especially in the Open Source market where we are encouraging Python houses to hire strong OO PHP engineers and offer them the opportunity to cross train. This allows these companies to keep salaries down, look for the best engineers and hire quickly and effectively while allowing the applicant to learn one of the most popular development languages in the industry!

By employing these 5 simple tactics you will massively increase your ability to hire the top technical talent while not losing out to the tech giants.

If you would like more information on how to ensure streamlined interview processes and ensuring a positive image for your brand get in touch for more information.




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