Welcoming Some New Talent Points of View

We’re excited to welcome a new raft of Talent Pointers to the team and wanted to share that excitement with the world. So, without any further ado, let’s roll out the red carpet, dust off the interview stool and say hello to the newest faces around the office!


Let’s start at the beginning. Who are you and what’s your new role at Talent Point?

Headshot of George Clothier from Talent Point.

Emoji of artist ~ Hi! I'm George and I'm Talent Point's latest Designer & Junior Copywriter, which means that I oversee and implement our social media and SEO strategies.

Headshot of Derek Millar from Talent Point.

Emoji of man in tuxedo ~ Derek Millar, Account Manager!

Headshot of Natália Schroner from Talent Point.

Emoji of woman ~ I'm Natália and right now I'm covering Sara's (Ops Manager) role while she's away, but will become our Business Process Analyst once she's back.

Headshot of Valentine Bott from Talent Point.

Emoji of chef ~ And I'm Valentine, the newest Talent Manager on the floor.


Where are you coming from? What's your background?

Emoji of artist ~ I've tried many different roles until I settled into a career I was finally happy with. I've been a Sales Assistant and a Buying Intern at a luxury retail store, a Wholesale Executive and (last but not least) a Barista! I tried my hand at studying Digital Design at university before withdrawing to pursue freelance opportunities full-time, specialising in graphic design, SEO, and social media management. University isn't for everyone, and that's okay!

Emoji of man in tuxedo ~ I worked in recruitment for 5 years across two companies. Before that I studied Accountancy in Glasgow.

Emoji of woman ~ I took a year off in between jobs to spend some time with my family in Slovakia and do a bit of traveling around Europe, before spending 3 months in Los Angeles with my best friend :)

Emoji of chef ~ Spent 5 years as a chef, a year as a baker and 3 years as a barista. I'm also 2 years into my Software Development degree!


And what drew you to Talent Point?

Emoji of artist ~ When you're surrounded with expert people that are casual-but-know-their-stuff, great things happen. The passion for the Talent Point message is astounding, and my team are more than happy to aid me in furthering my knowledge of different tech systems, particularly for copywriting. Talent Point carry a no-bull**** attitude; no fluff, just statistics and results! This helps to maintain transparency and view problems as an opportunity to try new things. I'm excited to help increase our online following, aiming for 15K across our socials by the year's end – it will be tough but worth it and the results will speak for themselves!

Emoji of man in tuxedo ~ The unique approach to hiring; that, to me, is a game-changer in the industry! The transparency and process-driven approach is such a sharp contrast to my previous experience and means I can't wait to get stuck into my first full life cycle as an AM.

Emoji of woman ~ Really, the concept of the business drew me in, because it actually works! Plus, it gives me the opportunity to learn as much as I can whilst helping people by making their jobs easy.

Emoji of chef ~ Honestly, Luke's advert was a great engagement [ed: don't boost his ego too much!]. I decided I wanted to get into recruitment when I worked in hospitality, but couldn't break through due to lack of experience. Since I'm interested in and already studying tech, I thought it made sense to join the tech hiring scene. My goal is to get settled, finish my degree and progress up the Talent Point ladder – plus I'd like to get involved with our Tech Team eventually!


Have you had much past interactions or experiences with the hiring sector?

Emoji of artist ~ Plenty! I've been approached by recruiters on LinkedIn, poached in-store, and even taken part in interviewing candidates for seasonal roles myself.

Emoji of man in tuxedo ~ Yes, obviously, I was a recruiter for 5 years! Also used a few rec-to-recs before joining Talent Point.

Emoji of woman ~ I used to work as a Compliance Executive for a staffing solution company based in Central London. I looked after "Processes & Efficiencies", website projects, high profile security clearances, Right-to-Work checks and played a part in overseas staffing projects... basically, you name it, I did it!

Emoji of chef ~ My whole career as a Chef I was hounded by recruiters daily. It's a severely understaffed market, so when they find a good Chef (me... duh) they don't ever give up!


And were any of those experiences particularly memorable?

Emoji of artist ~ I have had some incredibly cringy experiences, such as having "Head-Hunters" from an agency come into our store, duck and weave past management, hand me their business card and say that they came in just to see me... before watching them go through the exact same spiel with another colleague minutes later! A few years later, I actually decided to bite. Their interview process was incredibly awkward and, in the end, I was put into a role that wasn't right for me. After voicing my concerns, all communications ceased on their side and I was left in open water! On the other hand, the hiring processes that have stood out were those that actually took the time to allow me to visit in person rather than force me to talk on the phone; for someone that is deaf with a cochlear implant that goes a long way!

Emoji of man in tuxedo ~ The quality of service at the traditional recruitment companies I worked at was very much dependent on individual consultants. I worked with a handful of truly great recruiters, but plenty more who just did more damage than good to the company's reputation. There is generally no formal process to fall back on and generally whatever it takes to make money is acceptable. This leaves a lot of disparity in approach, with little to no brand identity and therefore very little difference between our business and competitors. To be fair, everyone's hearts were in the right place but, when you've got thousands of companies doing the exact same thing as you, it's very difficult to stand out.

Emoji of woman ~ One that's been particularly good is Talent Point: the whole team are a bunch of fun, friendly, professional and creative people!

Emoji of chef ~ So many times I've been sent to a role that wasn't as advertised. This one time I was sent for a Sous Chef (second in command), only to be told at the end of a HALF DAY TRIAL that it was, in fact, for a Chef de Partie (not 2nd in command) position that paid £9k less than advertised... no thank you! In terms of good experiences, I've also worked as an agency Chef and my agency treated me with great respect and wouldn't ever send me to a job unless they knew it met my expectations and skill level. No point sending a chef trained in some of the best hotels in their region to a run-down pub in the middle of nowhere.


Whilst I realise this may be a bit premature, have you noticed anything about Talent Point that is different?

Emoji of artist ~ From the get-go, Talent Point amazed me. I didn't know such a hiring model existed and it was a massive breath of relief. For most of my professional life I've been affixed to the standard model of recruitment agencies, so it was hard to see that the hiring process could be any other way – until now!

Emoji of man in tuxedo ~ We have a clear brand identity – everyone is expected to work in the "TP way", both internally and externally. That means following the correct process is seen as more important than the money.

Emoji of woman ~ Certainly how we don't just do what the customer tells us to; we go the extra mile, educate them and give them the overview of the real market options, enabling them to find the best possible solution! 

Emoji of chef ~ If anything, Talent Point has solidified my vision of the recruitment industry as being terrible. This isn't as bad as it first sounds: what I mean is that seeing how Talent Point operates just reaffirms the bad practices of most (if not all) other recruitment companies. What we are doing here is above and beyond everyone else and I feel lucky to be here (and that I turned down my first job offer elsewhere).


We love hearing about new ideas, so do you have any top tips for the office?

Emoji of artist ~ Don't be afraid to be different, your passion will show! Tell them what excites you about your business/brand, and what you hope the new role will achieve. At the same time be open to changes – you may be surprised what your new hire can bring to the table. Finally, if you implement a fake Instagram Stories notification around your display picture in order to garner clicks I will hunt you down ;)

Emoji of man in tuxedo ~ Top Tip: always be inquisitive! Works in every aspect of life.

Emoji of woman ~ Not this early in the morning... sorry!

Emoji of chef ~ I think we already know it, but we are missing a great resource by not attending conferences and meetups as much as possible.


Or what about a website or online resource you've found particularly useful?

Emoji of artist ~ Circus Street is a fantastic resource to learn about digital marketing, with amazing visuals and thorough tasks. If you're looking for an automated translator, DeepL is the best of the best, using neural networks to get meaningful sentences instead of just literal word translations that lead to nonsense. Finally, Unsplash is awesome for designers and anyone wishing to find free high quality assets for social media.

Emoji of man in tuxedo ~ W3Schools, a great website I used to learn a bit of HTML and CSS – purely as a bit of fun!

Emoji of woman ~ Still too early, sorry :)

Emoji of chef ~ Mapumental: put in a postcode and how long you want to commute for and it shows where you can get to in that time, actually a really useful tool for us.


Great, that's enough about work, let's get back to you! What do you do outside the office? How do you relax?

Emoji of artist ~ I am a massive foodie, so I'm always seeking out new and unusual eateries across London with my partner. Doing so also engages my passion for taking photos and finding new spots to hang out! Otherwise, I'm normally glued to screens, either playing computer games or exploring the weird and wild side of the Internet. I play Fortnite almost obsessively and generally engage with many online communities, including Reddit where I run a Cochlear Implant subreddit with my partner. Oh yeah, I should have mentioned by now: I'm deaf!

Emoji of man in tuxedo ~ Three things: football, volunteering and board games! I manage two Sunday teams, playing either Right-Mid or Right-Back, act as a mentor to vulnerable adults at risk of isolation and homelessness, and just love board games – they bring out my competitive side!

Emoji of woman ~ Traveling to warm countries (the beach and some sangria is a must!), CrossFit, swimming, horse-riding and movies – though I always talk or sleep through the movies and don't remember half of it anyway!

Emoji of chef ~ I love food as well (I mean... look at me!), but I love gaming more! I'm part of an ongoing group chat with 5 other guys who I started playing destiny with in 2014. Even though I don't have much time to play with them anymore, it's become a small friendship group and I enjoy engaging with them as we all have similar interests. I also try to keep learning as much as possible; my uni has got me onto both Java and Python, but I'm more interested in the latter so I am on an everlasting quest to learn more about it. There might even be something in the pipeline for me to present to Talent Point in the future ;)


If you could recommend any movies, TV shows, books or video games that the whole world should experience, what would they be?

Emoji of artist ~ I highly recommend the My Favorite Murder podcasts to anyone with even a slight interest in True Crime, as well as both The Staircase and Making a Murderer, which are available on Netflix. If you love video games and internet culture then definitely Ready Player One (the book, don't bother watching the train wreck of a film). Video games are a large arena of mine, and I recommend anyone gives Fortnite a go, it's extremely accessible and fun! Otherwise, Halo 5: Guardians is great to play, as is God of War (2018) if you're looking for something more story-driven. Despite a rocky launch, Destiny 2 is absolutely worth picking up thanks to the DLC.

Emoji of man in tuxedo ~ Book: Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey. I've just finished it and it's the first book in an eight book series so plenty of reading left.

Emoji of woman ~ TV: Game of Thrones – although I only started watching in the last year, I made it through all seasons in 1 week!

Emoji of chef ~ Two books spring to mind: Jacobs Ladder by Brian Keaney, which is a very easy read – I read it when I was younger and it always stuck with me, quite a cool concept – and Procession of the Dead by D. B. Shan, which is one of his more "grown up" books (hence "D. B." instead of "Darren") but still adopts a kind of fantasy story. I love movies about the Armed Forces and Black Hawk Down is probably my favourite in that genre; otherwise, I really enjoyed The Illusionist. On TV, Scrubs or House. Both are funny in their own ways, though Scrubs is more wacky and House is what I would consider a better character story. You won't regret either! Finally, video game is a tough one. Tom Clancy's The Division is keeping me busy lately, it's a really cool game. If you prefer grindy games, Oldschool RuneScape (I first played in 2005) has thousands of hours of (sometimes boring) gameplay. It depends what you like! Dance Dance Revolution is fun too, I guess.


Last question! What makes you happy?

Emoji of artist ~ Chilling with my partner, our cats, a pizza and a good TV series.

Emoji of man in tuxedo ~ Winning. Literally at anything.

Emoji of woman ~ Medium fillet with jacket potato and a peppercorn sauce please! Pepperoni pizza with lots of chili flakes and a pint will also do the trick :)

Emoji of chef ~ Weekends with no plans (aka prime RuneScape time).


Thanks guys and welcome to the team!


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