Case Study: Talent Point and Tapdaq

“We came across Talent Point via a recommendation, and we have successfully hired two individuals through them. They have a different process to traditional recruiters, which to some may take some getting used to, but from our perspective it has enabled us to add incredible talent to our team. One of the best aspects of the process is the Campaign Brief, it is an excellent piece of work that provides a real insight into our company, the vision and values we hold, and what a typical day in the job may look like. We are very happy with Talent Point and will be continuing to use them in our future recruitment needs.” – Nick Reffitt, CTO

Who are Tapdaq?
Tapdaq was formed to help app developers cut through the noise on the iOS App Store or Play Store. They offer a wide suite of publisher-focused tools that allow users to cross-promote apps they’ve developed and have greater control over the placement and content of ads shown within their app.

Why is it a great place to work?
Tapdaq follow the highest coding and engineering standards, driven by an exceptionally knowledgeably CTO who is open to ideas and ways of looking at things.

Everybody knows what the business wants to achieve and how they are going to achieve it. Unlike other start-ups, they have remained a product company from day one with a keen focus on delivery.

This is a company where everyone has a voice and loves solving problems. They offer flexibility in the way they work, attracting the best talent from not only the UK but from around the world.  

What issues were they facing in communicating?
Nick was using traditional recruitment agencies but roles were not defined and didn’t align with the market. The recruiters had minimal understanding of Tapdaq’s brand or technology making it hard to successfully engage applicants.

The interview process seemed to change from role to role with no established timeframes to meet interested parties, or interview process in place. Nick was struggling to manage his time. Job descriptions weren’t engaging, they simply came up with an idea and went to market.

What did Talent Point do to solve this?
Tapdaq needed a sale that the market would respond to. Firstly, we had to understand the business and its history including tech stack and product, by spending time on site and with key stakeholders.

Our first challenge was a Data Scientist role: Tapdaq didn’t know the market and only had a brief idea of what they wanted. We used our market knowledge and our understanding of their business to collaborate with them to establish that what they needed.

We produced a market report which evidenced what was going on in market, what skills were available and at what salary options. Based on their needs and what was available, we built a Campaign Brief to engage the target market.

Describe challenges in implementing and how we overcame
Nick and the team were incredibly flexible, open to change and keen to establish a repeatable process for hiring. The only Challenge was managing Nick’s time and availability. Nick had never been asked to commit to interview dates at the beginning of a campaign, but understood that this was purely to allow applicants in roles to managed their own time and prevent dropouts mid process.

The Results
Talent Point delivered 3 profiles on an agreed date that exactly matched the Campaign Brief, all 3 were interviewed and a hire was made to schedule.


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