Announcing our Partnership with The Collective

The Collective is a growing, global network of co-living buildings that combine thoughtfully designed private space with spacious, one-of-a-kind communal amenities. We build and activate spaces that enable people to lead more fulfilling lives, with the aim of creating a positive impact for each person and neighborhood we engage with. 

Founded in London in 2010 by CEO Reza Merchant, The Collective has grown from offering small house shares to owning and operating the world’s largest co-living community. The 148-strong team is now based across New York, London and Berlin, poised to grow its global portfolio from 7,000 units to at least 100,000 units by 2025.

The Collective takes an integrated approach to design and development to ensure a laser focus on the personal and professional growth of our members. We are the creative drivers and long-term operators of the programs and services our community experiences each day — which aspire to inspiring paradigms of flexibility and convenience, and a new universal standard of home.

Talent Point are extremely excited to announce our partnership with The Collective, a company disrupting the rental market whilst creating a more community-focused, mindful housing model that has become a massive success with young professionals and those seeking to escape the manufactured isolation of city living.

The Collective believe that people are most alive when they are together, and use that ethos to design co-living homes and workspaces that create happy, inspired communities who think and live big. Living in beautifully designed private spaces with awesome shared amenities – think cinemas, gyms, spas, co-working spaces, bars, and restaurants – residents are encouraged to interact with a diverse range of people, explore new hobbies, and play a part in community-run events.

Having raised over £500m in outside investment off the back of their first major project, Old Oak, The Collective are looking to rapidly expand. With new co-living spaces already under active development across the world, they are looking to embrace leading-edge technology to further reinforce their well-established customer-centric approach to business.

Such an ambitious, future-looking model is very much in tune with Talent Point's own unique approach to the micro-design of vacancies that resonate instantly with London's highest performing technologists. We're incredibly excited to help craft the vacancies and career paths needed to position The Collective as a technology employer of choice within the London tech scene.

Wondering how we can help you become a technology employer of choice? Give us a call on 020 3011 1501 or send an email to We look forward to helping you solve your hiring problems.

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