How uMotif Improved Their Interviews

"We all found the interview training session really useful. Regardless of our interviewing experience, we learned some great techniques on how to ask the right questions to generate good answers from candidates..

Definitely time well spent which has improved not only the performance of our interviewers but also the experience of our candidates."

- Louise White, Head of People & Culture

uMotif are using their patient-centred software to create entirely new ways to capture patient data. A focus on creating software with an excellent user experience and incredibly high levels of data security enabled them to become the first app actively prescribed on the NHS in 2014, alongside widespread adoption by pharmaceutical heavyweights – including AstraZeneca, Novartis and Merck – and academics, with several studies utilising the platform taking place in both the UK and US currently.

Their software platform engages patients to track and manage their conditions while capturing their data for clinical research. This means uMotif are helping to improve healthcare and informing new insights into a range of conditions and treatments. The results of their first public-facing observational study have even been published in Nature Parkinson’s, a gold standard in academic journals.

They've received high praise from patients and researchers, consistent success during funding rounds, and have even been recognised for their innovative use of the AWS Cloud platform as a featured Amazon case study!

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