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Talent Pool Insight: London – Reading Edition

The UK enjoys one of the strongest pools of technology talent. Most of these professionals can be found in London; but there are other hidden gems in South-East England. How do Reading and similar outer-London areas compare to the nation's capital, and what can tech companies expect if they decide to set up their HQ in one of these areas?

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How to Design QA Roles with Retention in Mind

Designing roles that encourage retention is tricky, but incredibly important. In this Byte, we look at how this can be done in a QA position, using a fictional eCommerce business for our case study.

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How To Design Motivating .NET Leadership Positions

With the lines blurring at top .NET positions, how can you ensure you hire the right person for the job and ensure they know what their job entails? We demystify .NET leadership roles, and offer some advice on how to source the talent you need in the .NET space.

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How to Build a Team of Outstanding Data Engineers

With an increasing number of companies competing for a limited pool of data engineers, how can you ensure your own business needs are met? We offer some advice on how to source the talent you need in the data space, without either breaking the bank or relying on miracles.

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How to Match Your Data Engineering Roles to the Talent Market

Data professionals are increasingly in demand across the tech sector (and beyond) but job titles can be a little unclear. We break down the key skills expected of Data Engineers at all levels, as well as providing a selection of key takeaways to ensure you can scale your data team efficiently and effectively.

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Why do .NET Engineers look for new opportunities?

On average, .NET professionals stay in their jobs for just over a year. Are earnings the key motivation, or are there more pressing factors impacting retention?

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