Amelia and Victoria were both very detailed and accurate with all their explanations about the role. They were always available to help and I have been very impressed with the service provided all round.

Product Manager

Kieran really helped guide me through the process, giving me more detail about what to expect than any other recruiter has in the past. He was always on hand to answer any questions I had, and was really helpful in telling me exactly where I was in the process. I felt throughout that Kieran was representing me really well, and had my best interests at heart, and although I didn't join the company Kieran was hiring for, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Talent Point and Kieran to anyone looking for a position or any business looking to hire. Hands down the best recruitment experience that I've had.

Account Manager

Billy [Hazeltine] was great.

Really good communication, thorough in my understanding of the role and a welcoming attitude. 

Lead .NET Developer

When Talent Point said they weren't like other recruiters I rolled my eyes, but they were fantastic throughout the entire process!

They sat in the interview and prompted me to mention things that I hadn't remembered, helped me negotiate a higher salary offer and generally went out of their way to give me the best possible chance of success.

Senior PHP Engineer

Pete and Florence were both outstanding. I wouldn’t have been as confident during my interviews without their coaching and preparation.

Programme Director

The job description and interview preparation were invaluable. Florence was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and an absolute pleasure!

Project Manager

Bethany was very professional, friendly and super helpful. She kept in touch throughout the entire process.

DevOps Engineer

Billy directed me to the right people every time, while William and Beth guided myself through separate interviews. The information and description of the company they gave me beforehand were 100% accurate.

Full Stack Developer

I think [the Talent Point ‘Interviewing for Growth’ training] was an extremely useful session. I've never received any interview training before, so I appreciated some guidance. Two hours was a good amount of time for passing on information and for us to practice what we have learnt. Really enjoyed the session. It was awkward, but in a good/necessary way :-)

Paul, Front End Consultant

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