Talent Point are a Hiring Communications business

We help companies plan vacancies that exactly match skills available within Software Engineering, DevOps, Cloud, Agile and Big Data employment markets. We document these vacancies as best practice specifications that really appeal to applicants then smartly and selectively market them as fixed-date Campaigns proven to engage, impress and retain high-value technical talent.

While the result is ultimately a new team member, the process followed to appoint them promotes a positive perception of your firm as an employer, increases staff retention, cuts down vastly on time spent interviewing, and empowers managers to become really good recruiters.

Hiring Communication represents a same-cost, high-value alternative to using recruitment agencies, bringing expert knowledge of documentation, planning, research and change management to hiring functions both large and small.


We compile detailed reports on competitor hiring to rip vacancies apart, rebuilding them around market conditions and business needs as an engaging brief from which it's possible to fill even the most challenging position.


We market vacancies as pre-planned Campaigns, managing and tracking all communication to deliver the right hire, within time and budget, from only three interviews, including a report detailing every single unsuccessful applicant.


We implement and manage a best practice process spanning an organisation's entire tech hiring, nurturing hiring manager capabilities while owning all sourcing, planning, reporting and documentation.

What is Hiring

Well, what's communication? First pick a target for a message, now plan the message itself, decide on a delivery method and ensure neither undermines the other. Simple. Yet obviously not simple at all. Unrealistic, poorly planned vacancies are at the root of London's perceived technical skills shortage. Hiring Communication uses detailed research to create vacancies around a target applicant already proven to exist then tailors all collateral, contact and processes around the single goal of attracting them. It's uber tech recruitment performed by experts under absolute best practice.

Are you a
recruitment agency?

We provide some services that a recruitment agency does but, no, we could not be more different. At least half of what we do is purely advisory - helping plan and document technical positions that are filled by internal recruiters or a PSL of agencies. The other half includes sourcing applicants but where an agency model assumes that coverage is key to filling roles we believe that when a position is poorly planned the last thing needed is wider coverage. We deliver coverage as research before releasing vacancies to market, protecting the brand and reputation of our customers and saving them a great deal of time typically piled into interviews that didn't need to happen. While we present our "Fill" and "Manage" customers with applicants, we do so having planned and documented the positions they wish to hire for including showing them why these are the right positions.

I have an internal recruitment
function already

All our services integrate with internal recruitment functions. The key to filling technical roles lies in design based on market knowledge. We equip People Teams with this knowledge, relieving them of troublesome positions that are often extremely challenging to quantify and result in protracted hiring that diverts their attention from other roles.

What do
you charge?

Our fees are both simple and flexible.

If you'd like us to research, plan and document a vacancy we guarantee is fillable, we'll charge a one-off, fixed price for the work involved.

Where you'd also like us to fill it, there's no fee until an applicant is appointed, at which point – just for convenience – we charge in the same way a recruitment agency would.

Finally, if you'd like us to own all your technical hiring and provide an onsite resource, we can charge a retainer, a percentage of starting salary for each hire or a combination of both.

Do you offer
contract staff?

Yes. We even modify our vacancy documentation to be extremely attractive to IR35 compliant service providers.

Do you offer
onsite presence?

As part of our "Manage" service, yes, and it comes at no extra cost – in fact we typically insist on a minimum of half a day spent onsite weekly. One of our biggest value adds is that each Account Manager is backed by a large talent and research team who they need to brief and manage throughout campaigns so our most successful customers have an on-site presence of between one and three days per-week.

Where do you
find applicants?

The same places everyone else does. The days of getting any benefit from five recruiters taking a message they barely understand to the job market in order to secure "coverage" are over. The same job boards, LinkedIn Recruiter accounts and access to meet-ups and social networking are firmly embedded across the London recruitment sector, what counts is how much use can be made of them and the message they're used to send. With most recruiters perpetually drumming up business for their "desk", racing to be the first to send an applicant or rigidly adhering to KPIs for call rates and mailshots, the time they can truly invest in sourcing and screening is very low. Hiring Communication is designed to have a high impact on applicants who don't respond to low-quality messages. With a fixed set of dates over which sourcing occurs you get the right applicants not simply the first applicants, and you get them following calm, thorough exploration of every possible source.

How do you guarantee
vacancies will be filled?

By turning them into positions that match the market for skills. We present customers with reports that reveal far more about the employment market than two months spent unsuccessfully recruiting for a role will. We make skills availability indisputably clear then advise on who it's possible to engage, including how they can be coached and trained to match business needs over time. If we really can't fill a role (to date it has happened once) we approach a network of very thoroughly screened recruitment agencies that we manage so you don't have to.

What actual benefits
do you deliver?

Technical vacancies will be filled a lot faster

Irrelevant interviews and CVs will be completely eliminated

Retention will increase

Market visibility and coverage will go up

Recruitment brand will be positively perceived in the employment marketplace

Interviews will become more effective and controlled

Your business will become more appealing to high-value applicants

Amelia and Victoria were both very detailed and accurate with all their explanations about the role. They were always available to help and I have been very impressed with the service provided all round.

Product Manager

Kieran really helped guide me through the process, giving me more detail about what to expect than any other recruiter has in the past. He was always on hand to answer any questions I had, and was really helpful in telling me exactly where I was in the process. I felt throughout that Kieran was representing me really well, and had my best interests at heart, and although I didn't join the company Kieran was hiring for, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Talent Point and Kieran to anyone looking for a position or any business looking to hire. Hands down the best recruitment experience that I've had.

Account Manager

Billy [Hazeltine] was great.

Really good communication, thorough in my understanding of the role and a welcoming attitude. 

Lead .NET Developer

When Talent Point said they weren't like other recruiters I rolled my eyes, but they were fantastic throughout the entire process!

They sat in the interview and prompted me to mention things that I hadn't remembered, helped me negotiate a higher salary offer and generally went out of their way to give me the best possible chance of success.

Senior PHP Engineer

Pete and Florence were both outstanding. I wouldn’t have been as confident during my interviews without their coaching and preparation.

Programme Director

The job description and interview preparation were invaluable. Florence was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and an absolute pleasure!

Project Manager

Looking for a Tech Job?

Browse our open roles at talentpointjobs.co

Looking for a Tech Job?

Browse our open roles at talentpointjobs.co


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