Talent Point help organisations amplify their ability to attract, engage and retain talent by embedding onsite talent teams who put planning, data and career growth at the heart of their hiring.


Design, Manage, Fill

Is your growth inhibited by unfilled positions?

Does poor retention affect your productivity?

Is engineering time diverted to ongoing interviews?

Our core advisory service is a same-cost, high-value alternative to recruitment agencies that brings expert knowledge of documentation, planning, market research, and change management to your hiring function, whether large or small.

By planning all vacancies in micro-detail against business objectives and in-depth employment market data, we create story-based vacancy marketing proven to attract, engage and retain high-value technical talent.

We market these vacancies on your behalf as pre-planned Campaigns, managing and tracking all communication to deliver the right hire – within time and budget, and from only three interviews – including visibility of every single unsuccessful applicant.

To ensure success, we support your management team by designing competency-based interview processes, nurturing engagement and screening capabilities, and ensuring awareness of retention requirements post-hire.

Interview Training

Are you diverting engineering time to more than 10 interviews per-hire? Is a lengthy multistage process essential to confident hiring, or alienating the best applicants? Selection is too important to your growth to rely on β€˜gut feel’ interviews.

Combining our unique experience in hiring and retention, we support your team to create competency-based, contextualised interview questions that enable quantitative comparison between applicants.

Our training supports clear decision-making with all elements of screening – be it tests, presentations, values, culture or motivation – expressed as binary criteria brought to life by creative questioning.

In the applicant-led technology market, it’s more vital than ever to accentuate the virtues of your business to each and every interviewee. We work with your Hiring Managers to help them answer questions positively, put applicants at ease, and provide a captivating, insight into your company culture, greatly increasing applicant engagement.

Your business is unique and, as such, our training packages can be tailored to any discipline and include post-workshop coaching in the creation of questions and interpretation of answers.


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Net Promoter Score

Talent Point are incredibly proud of our total NPS, as voted by our applicants themselves:

-100 0 100

NPS Average for HR (Jan 2019): +16 | NPS Average for Staffing Industry (Dec 2018): +24 | NPS Average for Talent Point (Jan 2019): +50

What is Net Promotor Score?

Net Promoter Score (or NPS) is used to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. The possible score ranges from -100 to +100, however industry averages are rarely > +50 and the staffing industry had an average of only +24 in 2018!

NPS is calculated from responses to a single question rated on a 1-10 scale: "How likely is it that you would recommend Talent Point to a friend or colleague?". Scores of 7 or more result in a positive score; those of 6 or less are negative. For a full breakdown on the methods behind calculating NPS see Wikipedia or NetPromoter.com.

Talent Point uses NPS as our key metric because it is an internationally recognised standard that allows us to focus on improving our services in line with applicant needs. Over two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies now use NPS, including the likes of Apple, Hubspot, Slack, and Tesla.

Applicant Comments

I found Ashley and Sam to be incredibly helpful throughout the whole process, from receiving the job advert right through to job offer.

The brief was far more detailed than any other I'd seen from other agencies and Sam prepped me well. Never felt like I was being ushered into a role not quite right for me, there was a clear effort to make sure it was the right fit for both me and the hiring company. Couldn't recommend them more!

Product Owner

The support provided by Flo throughout the process was invaluable in giving me the best chance at success. The detailed brief was so helpful in understanding what the role and business structure would look like.

Product Director

Amelia and Victoria were both very detailed and accurate with all their explanations about the role. They were always available to help and I have been very impressed with the service provided all round.

Product Manager

Kieran really helped guide me through the process, giving me more detail about what to expect than any other recruiter has in the past. He was always on hand to answer any questions I had, and was really helpful in telling me exactly where I was in the process. I felt throughout that Kieran was representing me really well, and had my best interests at heart, and although I didn't join the company Kieran was hiring for, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Talent Point and Kieran to anyone looking for a position or any business looking to hire. Hands down the best recruitment experience that I've had.

Account Manager

Billy [Hazeltine] was great.

Really good communication, thorough in my understanding of the role and a welcoming attitude. 

Lead .NET Developer

When Talent Point said they weren't like other agencies I rolled my eyes, but they were fantastic throughout the entire process!

They sat in the interview and prompted me to mention things that I hadn't remembered, helped me negotiate a higher salary offer and generally went out of their way to give me the best possible chance of success.

Senior PHP Engineer

Looking for a Job?

Browse our open roles at talentpointjobs.co

Looking for a Job?

Browse our open roles at talentpointjobs.co


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